~ an underground chamber music current flowing through Brussels ~

(Photography by Valerie Lenders)

After years of filtering through different layers of Brussels’ and Belgium’s finest chamber ensembles (including the Amôn, MP4 & Tana String Quartets, Ensemble Musiques Nouvelles, The Colorist Orchestra, … ), the members of The Zenne Quartet first welled up together at TW Classics 1190, a free chamber music series at community center Ten Weyngaert in the south of Brussels.

The Zenne Quartet is committed to bringing excellent performances of great chamber music, accessible also to the most vulnerable in our society.

They commission and perform new works by local and internationally renowned composers (Giuliano Bracci, Walter Hus, André Ristic, Tim Vandenbergh, … ) alongside wellknown masterpieces from the string quartet repertoire.

In order to make their concerts inclusive for all audiences, the Zenne Quartet develops partnerships with local community projects (Femma Quartier, MIRO LDC, Brede School Vorst, QuartierWielsWijk, … ) as well as with public institutions (GC Ten Weyngaert, Gemeente Vorst, Gemeentelijke Basisscholen).

Admission at all of their concerts at the TW Classics 1190 chamber music series is free.

Claire Bourdet – Chikako Hosoda – Karel Coninx – Wanying Emilie Koang